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General requirement for artworks

Below is the general requirement for artwork printing - please read through these requirements before submitting your artwork.

  • The gap between the pattern lines and the lines should not be less than 0.6mm, especially the text.
  • Vector graphics such as AI, EPS, CDR are the best format for printing.
  • Texts inside vector graphic files must be outlined.
  • Bitmap files inside vector graphic files must be embedded.
  • Computer graphics in CMYK color mode are more suitable for printing.
  • The computer graphics must have a colour difference. If there is a specified colour, please provide the Pantone color code..
  • Bitmap files such as JPG, PNG, PSD require the double printing size of 300 dpi.

However, if you cannot provide the artwork that comply with all requirements above, you can still send us your artwork. Our design team will try our best to help you.

Printing Different Names Or Numbers

You can print different names or numbers on each clothing. The default printing method for different names or numbers is “Heat Transfer(Versacamm)”. An extra charge of USD$2 will be added for A4 size names and numbers and USD$3.5 for A3 size.

Please pay attention to the tips below if you would like to print different names or numbers:

  • Avoid choosing fonts that are too thin. If you choose a font that is thin, you will need to add a bleeding stroke around the font.
  • The lines of text should not be less than 0.6mm. It is recommended it is larger than 1mm.
  • We suggest bold fonts are chosen for print.
  • In order for a consistent printing quality, the length of different names should not vary too much.
  • Try not to select names that are too lengthy.

We can turn hand drawings into digital graphics for FREE.

If you don’t know how to design using a computer, you can provide us with your hand drawn design. We can redraw your hand drawings into digital graphics before printing for FREE. However, we note that the digital graphics we create may not 100% match the original hand drawing.

The following are some examples of the conversion of some hand-drawn artwork into computer graphics.

Introduction of different printing methods

We use a range of printing methods to produce our customizations, which include Direct To Garment (DTG), Vinyl, Versacamm, Screen Transfer and Screen Printing. The printing method we choose to use is based upon the artwork uploaded and the garment you have chosen.

Know more about Different Printing Methods